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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

World News Tonight

The RRR realizes that not all his readers have the same opportunity he does to stay abreast of current events from a global perspective, so as a public service he announces the following.

Euro-Vision 2005... the results are final on the Euro-Vision national song of the year. The Greeks edged out the Bosnians for first place. The Bosnians would have won had all the sub continent been able to watch on TV as the female singers were blond and bouncy, but the Greeks, who had the advantage of a large radio audience, overwhelmed them auditorily with pure cheesiness and fluff. In a significant move, the best Euro-Vision song of all time was announced by a panel of scientists to be Abba's "Waterloo". Hmmm.

Peace In Our Time... The King of Jordan has announced he is putting together a think tank of about twenty of the great minds of the new millennium who will get together in Jordan and come up with solutions (over the space of two days) for war, poverty, disease, and environmental destruction. Included in the twenty are two of America's greatest thinkers, Bill Clinton and Richard Gere. The group will also establish a website for spreading the word of the solutions. They may meet again at least twice in the next two years.

Conspiracy theorists take note: Imagine Bill as the Anti-Christ, Richard as his prophet, and Hillary as the Harlot of Babylon. Quick, start your blogs.

In Des Moines, Iowa Van Hardin, the program manager of WHO radio (clear channel 1040) reacted by having his own think tank. He borrowed an Army Tank from the National Guard and placed it in a parking lot in West Des Moines from 0500 to 0900 for one morning so his listeners could get in it and think. Lists of things to think about are provided for those who need assistance. There will always be an Iowa.

On a more prosaic note, I tilled the rest of the garden today. You will all be pleased to know the tomatoes started from seed are an inch or so tall already.


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