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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Juan and Pablo's Deep Mystery

The RRR presents another adventure, the first in this venue, of the Gringo Brothers, Juan and Pablo.

The year was 1972, the Gringo Brothers were tramping the desert North West of Roma Texas hunting for coyotes and trouble to get into when they stumbled across what looked like a barn door lying partially covered with sand. They were clearing the sand off it when there was a cracking noise and a cold draft came up through the boards. They dragged it aside and discovered under it was an old mine shaft, too deep to see the bottom. Pablo picked up a rock the size of his fist and threw it in to test the depth. They listened and could hear nothing. So Juan found a larger rock, the size known along the border as a “gringo head”. It too fell in absolute silence.

“Look what I found” said Pablo, as he drug an old railroad tie out of a patch of prickly pear cactus. Together they pulled it to the edge of the shaft and tipped it in, then leaned forward to listen for a crash. But before it struck bottom a burro rushed out of the prickly pear and dived in after it! They stared unbelieving, but just then a small Mexican boy came up.

“Pardon me, senors”, he said, “have you seen a small brown and white burro?”

“Oh yes!” declared Juan. “One just ran up and dived into that mine shaft!”

“No, that could not have been mine. I left him tied to a railroad tie back in that patch of cactus.”

If it's not true.. it should be.


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