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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Normal Life

So Tuesday brought welcome mail from some of the Readers and a chance for Mr. And Mrs. RRR to go visit some friends, plus the RRR got to try a 12 step meeting he hadn't been to. We took Mrs. RRR's little red Metro which operated flawlessly till the windshield wipers stopped working on the way home. Another project for today. But a great visit for both of us and an especially good meeting. As usual, I became sleepy driving home and we pulled over and I napped for 20”. We are very good at sleeping in that tiny car. A couple years ago we did the West Coast tour and slept in the car every night. They are much roomier than you would think, or at least the space available is used efficiently. Mrs. RRR fell asleep then too, and slept the rest of the way home.
It is a cozy, homey feeling having the woman you love sleeping beside you as the miles roll under the car. Dog asleep curled up on the back deck and the motor humming away. Of course Bay woke up in time to start his Labrador “talking” and demanding to run the 3rd of a mile lane back to the cabin. He lives for those runs. He scampers along between 15 and 20 mph to the bridge across the Creek, then yelps joyously and sprints dead out to the top of the hill, sometimes hitting 25, his Beagle half yowling in shear delight.
I fell asleep next to Mrs. RRR with the moist heat pad lying over my liver to increase portal circulation vowing, “I will live, I WILL.”
Mrs. RRR is off to work now. I've made the day's French Roast and filled the thermoses. I've drunk the egg nog she made for me. I've filled out my application to shoot in the matches at the Iowa Games in July. I've practiced for the matches, twenty shots one handed at long distance for the Games, twenty shots two handed police style for the tournament in September. I will live, I WILL.
If God wills also. A storm is moving across the Big Lake towards the cabin, thunder rumbling, first drops on the roof. Life is good.


Blogger Devoted said...

Fortunately RRR, you WILL live forever! Praise God! You and the Mrs. continue in our prayers.

8:40 AM  

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