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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Two Steps Forward, One and 9/10ths Back

The RRR got up early and went to the Big City on Tuesday to work day shift on county psych. On impulse I called the VA to see if the results from the Hep C test were in. They were but the nurse wouldn't tell me. I knew immediately. She had the specialist (nurse practitioner) call me back. "Well... it's not... good news...". Hardly. After the year on chemo, 4th or 5th time around, the virus count is back up from zero to 1.2 million per c.c. That's 12 million per teaspoonful of my blood. Maybe I should see if Osama Ben Laden needs a transfusion. The supervisor thought I'd gone into shock from the look on my face. I tried to pull myself together and finish my work, but spilled things all over and generally was not being an asset to the job. The other nurses graciously offered to each take one of my patients and I went home.

Did NOT resort to any of the old coping mechanisms, maintained my sobriety. When Mrs. RRR came home from work we hugged and hugged. And hugged a lot the rest of the day. Drove to town and bought a set of blades for the riding mower. $80 for 3 blades! Wandered about Sprawl Mart and came home. Devotions helped. Daily readings helped.

Friday Mrs. RRR and I go to the VA clinic to discuss what the options are. Please pray for us, Ranger Readers.


Blogger Devoted said...

Dearest RRR and Mrs. RRR. My heart aches for you both. May the Lord's perfect and purifying will serve you both and glorify Him. Let's face it, this world is fallen. Look up, He comes soon.

In the mean time, you will both be, faithfully, in my prayers and in my heart.

This news is heavy to my spirit. Mostly because it just shows what the constant, unceasing, relentlessness of evil is! But set your eyes on the things above and keep the faith, no matter what. Never give into the will of satan!

Praise God on your sobriety. Praise God for the beautiful spirit that your wife has. A good wife is more precious than rubies. You both have given glory to the Father in this. Thank you.

In the Love of my Father and my Maker.


10:31 AM  
Blogger Eutychus said...

Our church has you (pl) on the prayer chain. Hang in there bro.

12:08 PM  

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