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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Ranger Remedies

The RRR in his never ending quest to find alternative treatments less expensive and more effective than "chemical" medicine is doing clinical trials on the following.

1. For Warts... Soak the pad of a bandaid with castor oil ($1.97 for several ounces at Sprawl Mart) and apply over the wart at least twice a day and leave on till next application. Be sure to use bandaids to which the skin is not sensitive.

2. Toe-nail fungus... Dab tea tree oil ($4.97 for two ounces at Sprawl Mart) on the nail, exposed bed, etc. as often as you change shoes, at least twice a day. The most wonderful, exotic "natural medicine" smell there is. Will at the least help cure any odor problems.

If any readers try the above, please comment on ongoing effectiveness on future blogs. As will I and Mrs. RRR.



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