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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ranger Recipe

How to Eat Wood:

"First, collect beech wood, or other woods lacking turpentine (pines and other conifers all have turpentine). Chop the wood into chips, or better yet, shavings. Boil the shaving three or four times, stirring regularly.

Next, dry the wood, and then reduce it to powder, or to as fine particles as possible. Then bake the wood in your oven three or four times, and grind as you would grind corn or wheat.

Wood prepared like this acquires the aroma and flavor of corn, according to the Emigrant's Handbook, 1854. Leaven prepared for corn bread is best to use with this wood flour. A spongy bread results, which is described as 'by no means unpalatable.'

If the wood flour is boiled in water and left to stand, a thick jelly results which can be eaten."

From: In The Footsteps Of Our Ancestors, Guide To Wild Foods, 4th Edition.
By Christopher Nyerges. The RRR has a copy signed by the author, of course.


Blogger Mid-kid said...

Platable it may be, but wood? Yuck! And it takes forever. You have to boil it like 10 times and then bake it as many. I guess if I was starving, but under no circumstances would I eat wood jelly.

10:17 AM  

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