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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Today's Quote

The man who gives himself up entirely to the service of his appetites,
makes them grow and multiply so well that they become stronger than he;
and once their slave,
he loses his moral sense,
loses his energy,
and becomes incapable of discerning and practicing the good.
He has surrendered himself to the inner anarchy of desire,
which in the end gives birth to anarchy.
In the moral life we govern ourselves.
In the immoral life we are governed by our needs and passions;
thus, little by little,
the bases of the moral life shift,
and the law of judgement deviates.

Charles Wagner
The Simple Life


Blogger H. Jane said...

Great quote, Dad. I read an article recently on desire in the last Conversations. Did you get it? Our desire our ultimately in God and yet sometimes they get disordered. I love reading your blog--does writing it help you to see how beautiful your life is?

9:52 AM  

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