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Monday, March 28, 2005

0 Dark Hundred

It's early morning and the RRR is at the adolescent psych ward back on the 11-7 shift. This is the place most difficult to detach from when dealing with the patients and their problems of mental illness/substance abuse.

Oh dear God, protect my granddaughters, the little Rangerettes scattered across America. May the blood of your Son, Jesus stand between them and the Evil One and his servants, the Pervert, the Pusher, the Misleader and the Insinuator. May their sleep be untroubled and their safety guaranteed.

After a breakfast of sardines I went back to work on the diminutive Metro engine out in the shop. The crankshaft bolt had given me fits. I tried to break it loose earlier by having Mrs. RRR pull against me blocking the crank from turning with the handle of a sledge hammer whilst I leaned on the breaker bar. The 1/2 to 3/8's adapter snapped off clean and she landed on the floor with the sledge on top of her feeling somewhat flattened. I blocked the crank with a large screwdriver handle and used a hand impact tool. That didn't work. Put the 17mm box end on it and beat on it with a single jack. No good.

(Single Jack: a one handed sledge hammer originally used for drilling rock by miners. So called because a single "Cousin Jack" [Cornish or Welsh miner] could drill with it. A large Double Jack took two hands to work thus requiring a second miner to hold the drill, called a "rock star drill" because the end was star shaped. The famed John Henry used a Double Jack in each hand and needed two more miners to hold the drills, so the infamous "steam drill" of the song still replaced three men.)

Suddenly had the thought to put on Kroil penetrating oil. I argued with myself that was dumb as the whole thing runs bathed in oil. But sprayed some on anyway. Put on the wrench, tapped once with the single jack and it spun free and came off with my fingers. I'm beginning to think mechanical work requires being in a constant state of prayer. At last the block is ready to be taken to the machine shop and boiled out and checked, along with the crank, to see if machining is required. Meantime I've ordered the new engine and transmission for the Green Hornet. Of course I had to make Mrs. RRR come out and see what I'd accomplished.

Then supper of the world's best chicken soup made from the left over chicken and vegetables Mrs. RRR made a while back and froze. Devotions and a short nap before coming to work. Missed the call from Malee and Hannah to thank us for the teddy bears, but needed the sleep. I went out and walked Bay before commuting to work.

You know you're a Ranger, if... you look at the position of the Big Dipper and know it's about 10 p.m. and at Orion and know it's about spring.

So now, blogging in spare moments and sipping the special brew from the store in Dallas, French Roast blended with Columbian Supremo. Black medicine.

God Bless Us, every one.


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