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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

March 16th, 0620

The RRR lingered over his coffee Tues. morning and left the Big City in time to see the Chiropractor. The ol' doc worked his usual magic and after some good ol' boy talk it was off to the pawn shop.

There, right there in the case was the most beautiful little Smith and Wesson Model 60 I've ever seen. Stainless steel, five shot, and an accurizing job by the S&W custom shop. The RRR is a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and one of a three man team who took 3rd and 4th in the state the last two years in police pistol shooting. The piece handled like a dream, oh the glass smooth action of the Custom Shop. I had visions of the RRR, Jeff, and John's photograph on the cover of The Backup as the number one team in the state. I saw the Off Duty trophy on top of Mrs. RRR's kitchen cupboard. But I acted suave and talked the dealer down by $25.

Book of Genesis: "And the woman saw the fruit was pleasing to the eye, good to taste, and desirable to make one wise and she did eat, and took to the man and he did eat." Lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. So I hopped (with my newly functioning back) into the Green Hornet and buzzed down to where Mrs. RRR was teaching swimming lessons at the indoor pool.

Now there may be those among my male readers who are NOT married to swimming exercise teachers who maintain the figure at 54 of a college girl, the RRR does NOT share your pain. But she would not share the beguilment of the Garden and I did not borrow the money from her for the S&W.... sigh.

So back to the cabin and rolled out the futon in front of the fireplace and slept till Bay-Toe-Ven the dog started whining and beating his tail against the window to let me know that Mrs. RRR was home from work. She made a quick and delicious lunch of left-over Christmas Turkey (you can't have too much left-over turkey) and home raised sweet corn. After we had devotions, then while still daylight we took Bay and walked through the woods and along the river. Redwinged Blackbirds were singing and a myriad of seagulls fished the river. Bay's wild side reasserted itself and he became younger and sleeker and ranged the woods as though he doesn't spend 18 hours out of 24 asleep in the cabin. Back home Mrs. RRR tucked me in and I slept till it was time to go to work.

No one has a better life than Shamgar, the River Rat Ranger. And goodnight.


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