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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Feeling Like A Heel

Today the RRR awakened in intense pain. The chronic heel pain that’s gotten worse over the last month has become acute. Something has to be done. But first things first, Mrs. RRR and I got ready to go to Sunday morning chapel. The night had dipped well below freezing and Sam, the Outside dog, was fast asleep curled up in the yard, covered with frost. Sam, who wandered up to the cabin footsore 10 years or more ago, is either a husky or an alien dog from another planet. I tend toward the latter rather than the former. When he’s displeased with you, his eyes suddenly turn red like a robot’s and you have the feeling only the lack of opposable thumbs stands between you and being choked to death.
I made coffee before going out to feed the livestock, them being Sam and the mice at the three bait stations.
There are several grades of coffee made by the RRR.
House coffee, as today. 3 heaping tablespoons of Arabica or French Roast in the French Press which is then filled with boiling water, allowed to steep 5 minutes and squooshed. Better than Starbucks.
Warm weather woods coffee. A battered tin can with a coat hanger bail is filled 2/3 of cool water, a heaping handful of ground Colombian Supremo is tossed in, it’s hung over the fire till the water foams up, is set aside. A splash of cool water settles the grounds and it’s sipped from a chipped enamelware cup. Kit Carson would feel at home at your fire.
Cold weather/on the river coffee. As in #2, but the coffee is poured over Swiss Miss instant cocoa. A treat much too good for a king.
Camping in the snow coffee. Worth a whole blog which it will be another time.
So, with that to sip and also a heady cup of black tea we were ready to go to the chapel. Elder James spoke on the crucifixion. As you may know, plymouth brethren do not use professional preachers so the men of the assembly take turns preaching. Which is why you will from time to time find the RRR’s sermons here.
After services we stopped at Wally World to try yet another set of insoles "guaranteed" to relieve heel pain. After Mrs. RRR made a fantastic meal of lamb and rice we hiked in the woods to try out the new insoles. NOT a spectacular success. We ordered a set off the internet unconditionally guaranteed, we can only hope. The RRR jumped out of too many perfectly good helicopters wearing too much gear back in his misspent youth.
Unable to hike satisfactorily, we drove around the Big Lake enjoying the equinox (first day of spring to you non-rangers) and finished up with a far too high carbbed burger from an "e pluribus unum" franchise.
But were able to come home to a dessert of the world’s best yogurt made by Mrs. RRR, recipe available on request.
Goodnight gentle readers…


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