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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The North Wind Doth Blow

Thursday found the RRR wiggling about under the diminutive 94 Geo Metro. The new engine youngest son and his spouse installed was running smoothly, but with horrible squealing as though the new alternator belt was already soaked with oil as the last one had been. Mrs. RRR held the trouble light and handed tools. The next theory, that the pulleys didn’t line up, was proven wrong with a small carpenter’s square. At long last it appeared the bolts needed all loosed and then everything snugged up square and it ran without a squeak. Still idling too fast, but replacing the EGR system one piece at a time seems to be fixing that. The old one was plugged with goo and oil.
So my very tiny sampling, one, seems to show that the used Japanese low mile engines are a good deal.
Bay-Toe-Ven and I walked the creek down to the Big River and wandered the edge of the woods. Spring is on the verge of bursting forth, only the stinging nettles are showing their fresh green rosettes, scurvy medicine for the rangers.
Friday I shifted task gears and taught Management of Aggressive Behavior all day at the county hospital. My readers with a research bent may wish to visit the University of Oklahoma’s MAB website and see the philosophy that is changing psychiatric care in the U.S.
Today found Mr. and Mrs. RRR off on a road and shopping trip that also involved the RRR’s favorite 12-step meeting and then a meal out. A blizzard covered the northland, but below highway 20 Iowa remained only cold and miserable, but not covered with white.


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Such a good storyteller, you are, Dad. Have you shared your blog address yet with others?

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