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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Back To The Land Of The Day Shift

Good morning readers. The RRR, off 11-7's slept the night snuggled up to Mrs. RRR on the futon in front of the gas fireplace. Now she is off to keep the world safe from arthritis by teaching water exercise to Seasoned Citizens.


By the easy chair: Old Scofield Reference Bible, KJV. Col. Scofield, the ex-confederate calvary officer, ex-alcoholic changed the world in the early 1900's with this book.
Also: The Simple Life by Chas. Wagner, translated from the French. Required reading for the American people by President Teddy Roosevelt.

On the coffee table: An Eye For History, The Paintings of William Henry Jackson. By my good friend Dean Knudson, curator of the museum at the Gettysburg Battlefield.

On the kitchen table: April Fur, Fish, Game magazine. 100 Blessings Every Day by Rabbi Kerry M Olitzky.

By the "throne": Woodcraft by Nessmuk. This old boy was doing ultralight backpacking in the 1800's. His entire kit with canoe weighed 26lbs.!

By the computer for "slow loads": Catseye by Andre Norton

For daily devotions with Mrs. RRR: The Recovery Bible, Choice Gleanings from Gospel Folio Press (plymouth brethren), 24 Hours A Day (Hazelton), and last but not least... nay, almost most... My Utmost for His Highest by Owald Chambers.

The day didn't start out well, fasting blood sugar of 168. Diet controlled diabetics can NOT do this. Too many carbs last night at the BBQ place. Slathered on the sauce, ate 1 1/2 dinner rolls. Came home and had a cup of frozen fruit for dessert. (Stressed is Dessert spelled backwards and vice versa). Discipline is back in force. Pure protien breakfast, eggs, bacon. And coffee. The last of the Columbian Supremo in the thermos. Must make more this morning.

Later gentle readers...


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