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Saturday, April 23, 2005

There Will Always Be A Canada

With one hour of nationwide radio time in the U.S., this is what the Canadian Broadcasting System spent its resources on Friday night.

1. The three major parties in Canada can't agree on anything. Representatives of each interrupted and shouted down each other and avoided direct questions.

2. A cow named Baby in Wisconsin was prevented from being the "depositor" this year in a Cinco De Mayo fund raising effort where the location of her dropping a cow pie was to determine who won $200 (American) in a raffle called Cow Pie Bingo. She was barred for jumping over the fence at the event in 2003 and going looking for a bull.

3. A student in Canada is raising funds to go be a witness in Rwanda at a tribal hearing about mass murder in 1991. She, of course, didn't actually see the murders because she was a student at a private boarding school when they occurred.

4. President Bush has signed legislation allowing rental movies to be censured for profanity, violence, and sex.

5. A lady who just started keeping bees in England had her hive swarm and leave when a new queen hatched.

6. Scientists in Seattle have successfully tricked mice into hibernating.

On the other side of the planet, coalition forces continue to fight and die to bring freedom to the Iraqi people for the first time in over a thousand years. But Canada has decided to sit this one out. So the news reflects their priorities... Meaningless political debate, cow manure, student travel, American censorship, lost bees, and sleepy mice.


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