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Monday, May 02, 2005

My Input: Bay Toe Ven (Inside Dog)

I have had about enough of this. The RRR writes all this stuff about the fun he and Mrs. RRR are having in Kentucky meeting the new baby. Does anyone consider the poor dog? NO! 1st they run around packing things. They KNOW this upsets me. I don't LIKE change. I want everything to stay the same, but they do it anyway. Then they take my perfectly good house and spray it with insecticide. Yuck! They put it in the back of the Green Hornet and there I get to ride for 8 hours. People passing us stare at me. And EVERYTHING passes the Green Hornet. 3 cylinders, 1.0 liter of raging power. Motorcycles have bigger engines.

So we get to the south. And I have to be quiet. And I can't bite the little girls. What else are they good for? I can't even growl when they tease me! But at least the RRR takes me for long walks. I want to walk along sidewalks and sniff where other dogs have been, but NO, we have to find the only woods available and tramp through them. Does this guy ever get sick of this back to nature stuff? Eventually they show up with the new pup. Cute if you like hairless bipeds. Why can't they have a litter like normal creatures and get it over with?

At last we're going home. If they let me run down the lane barking I may not punish them by throwing up on the welcome mat.


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