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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Juan and Pablo and The Medicine Bear

The RRR presents another adventure of Jaun and Pablo, the Gringo Brothers.

The year was 1967. The Gringo Brothers were camping on an island in Quetico Provencial Park in the Onatario Boundary Waters canoe area. They beached the wood and canvas canoe Pablo had made in shop class and sat up their camp on a pennisula that caught the wind to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Once the tent was up and the usual camp chores finished they paddled back out into the small bay formed by the pinnisula to try fishing. They looked back to the shore and saw a small black bear nosing about their camp. All the food and gear they owned was piled there so they rushed back to shore slapping their paddles on the water and shouting to frighten the bear away. But they were only partially successful. Instead of fleeing into the pines, he climbed up the tree at the edge of the camp.

This left them in a difficult situation. They couldn't move to a new island because they'ed promised Papa Gringo they wouldn't leave for any reason and he was stopping by the next day to check on them. Yet they weren't anxious to spend the night with a bear over their heads. They had both been reading too much Ben Hunt and named the interloper The Medicine Bear as his presence must be some kind of Indian "medicine". They decided to tempt him down out of the tree, then chase him off with burning torches from the fire. But when they lit the fire, he climbed further up, perhaps irritated by the smoke or frightened. They tried anyway, opening a can of sardines and placing it under the tree. The Medicine Bear obviously could smell it. He sniffed and snorted and licked his chops, but wouldn't come down. Then the boys noticed a dead loon, apparently "tagged" by a power boat, washed up on the shore. They knew bears loved birds, especially ripe ones and also honey, but they had no honey. However, they were fairly well supplied with brown sugar they'd brought to put on their pancakes. So they cut open the loon, which released the "ripeness" and causing them to leave their hunting knife down wind stuck in a tree for a few days, and poured their brown sugar into the dead bird. This they placed by the can of sardines.

The Medicine Bear sniffed and sniffed again and started backing down the tree. Juan and Pablo retreated to the canoe to watch. When he got to the ground the bear ignored the sardines, but grabbed the loon and retreated into the woods, never to be seen again. That night as they sat by the campfire drinking boiled coffee and eating Dinty Moore beef stew, Juan said......

here it comes......

wait for it......

wait for it.....

"You know, Pablo... just a loon full of sugar makes the Medicine Bear go down."

If it didn't happen, it should have.


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