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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Parable

The RRR appreciates the sentiments and support his family received during their recent loss. But the wheel keeps turning. Life goes on. The cold has come to Iowa. It is 19 F... well under 0 C. The days get shorter and shorter. Today I received a humorous story I must share....

An elderly American lady decided to go on a photo safari to Africa. She could not bear to be separated from her also elderly French Poodle. So she spent the necessary money for him to have all his shots and inspections and took him with her. Soon they were out on the veldt. As dogs are wont to do, her poodle wandered off. Suddenly he realized he was being stalked by a young leopard. Thinking quickly, he leaped onto a nearby pile of bones and began chewing them enthusiastically. "Ahhh..." he said, "that is the best leopard I ever killed and ate." The young cat slunk away, grateful to have escaped death from the jaws of this strange interloper. But a monkey watched this with disdain. He went to the leopard and told him how he had been fooled and asked that he be rewarded with part of the meal when the leopard took his revenge on the poodle. Infuriated, the spotted predator allowed the monkey on his back and loped back to where the poodle was sniffing new odors. Taking the situation in at once, the poodle stood looking around disgusted. "Where IS that monkey?" he demanded loudly. "It's been an hour since I sent him to fetch me another leopard!".

The leopard fled in terror, but soon dined on monkey.

The moral of the story?

Don't mess with old dogs... age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.


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