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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another Prayer

In an incubator... on a ventilator... tubes in and tubes out of his tiny body... The Littlest Ranger fights for life. His kidneys are not functioning. His malformed heart tries to pump. There is blood on his brain, blood in his urine, his bowels may not be working either. The family gathers. The nurses, those soft hearted, ultra competent technicians try to shut off their feelings and be mechanical. I am a nurse. It does NOT work. Each life that slips away is a failure in your heart whether you admit it or not or agree it's logical or not. Each twist and turn and moan of pain becomes YOUR pain. It doesn't go away when you run your card through the time clock. The faces haunt you. The cries become part of you. God help them. God help the family. God love and cradle that little boy to your bosom. Please Dear God.


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