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Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Ranger Bouquet

Mrs. RRR occasionally surprises even the author of this blog... here's how it happened. On occasion I will bring home a bouquet of flowers for her and leave them in a vase on the kitchen table, then tease her about how long it takes for her to notice. She decided that turn about was fair play. Thursday afternoon I arrived home from the Big City exhausted from having taught Management of Aggressive Behavior all day at the county hospital. I collapsed gratefully in a chair at the table, glad the long class was over. Usually we have at least two instructors and we trade off lectures. But this day there were only three students, so they got the full benefit of my knowledge only. By the middle of the afternoon I was hoarse and the students had heard my voice enough for one day.

I ended the class and drove home. I poured myself a steaming mug of Columbian Supremo coffee and sipped it and wondered why Mrs. RRR was smirking at me. I eventually used the old interrogator's trick of seeking not what the suspect is looking AT but what they are avoiding. Mrs. RRR was carefully not looking at the table. So I did. And there, on a plate in the middle of the table was a huge, fresh pineapple. That was my "bouquet". It had sat for 20 minutes right in front of me and I hadn't noticed! We laughed about it and admired it for the next few days. Today, Sunday, I cut it open, sliced out the core and trimmed off the skin and we stuffed ourselves with the delicious, tart fruit.

Fresh pineapple has about as much in common with canned as fresh sweet corn has with institutional canned corn. Oh it's delicious! And what a wonderful surprise from Mrs. RRR!


Blogger visithra said...

ehhehe so cute - loved this banter between the both of u ;)

8:49 PM  

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