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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Plea To The Creator

The RRR has a solemn tale to tell. The Littlest Ranger was born 4 days ago. His father, a genuine cowboy, his mother my younger brother's daughter. This would make him my great nephew. From the moment of his birth something was wrong. It was found he had way too few white blood cells and x rays showed his heart to be enlarged. He was rushed to a hospital with Neonatal Intensive Care. It was found that he was born with almost half of his heart missing. Then he developed pneumonia and had to be placed on a ventilator. He was placed on an air ambulance and flown to a major medical center specializing in children's diseases. There he was stabilized in their Intensive care unit. Now we await anxiously the tests that will show if any other congenital problems exist and for the first of the many, many operations it will take to save his life. At once we heard, word went out to all the relatives across America. They called their churches and relatives. Over a thousand people are now praying for him and the family regularly. Oh Dear God... let this tiny one live. Hold him and his family in your love. Comfort them and give them strength... please Dear God.


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