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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Battle Continues

Tonight the RRR called his niece, the Littlest Ranger's mommy. Things do not look good. More tests are being done. She and her husband are facing one of the toughest of decisions. Praying for a miracle. Praying for wisdom. Asking The One who sweated great drops like blood on His knees in a garden that "this cup" be passed from them. And like Him, saying "nevertheless... not MY will but THINE".

Oh, but it's so hard.

Today at the chapel, I preached about another cup, the one Joseph had hidden in Benjamin's sack of grain in the book of Genesis, chapter 44. We talked about the Middle Eastern tradition that it was an insult for a host to give a guest a cup smaller than his own to drink out of. And how it's the greatest of honors to offer the guest the hosts own cup to drink from. The ultimate compliment for a guest of honor, as Benjamin had been in chapter 43. And how the ultimate insult that guest could give would be to steal the host's cup. And suddenly the chapter opens to your mind and you realize why it was his own personal cup Joseph chose to put in the sack.

If only that little boy in the hospital could have his situation suddenly make sense.

I walked Bay Toe Ven before leaving the cabin to drive in to work tonight. The stars were starkly bright against a black velvet sky. The great calendar has turned. Pleiades is very high up in the Eastern sky, below at about East East South is Orion, my good friend and companion of the night. The stars keep turning and burning... The life of the universe will continue.


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