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Friday, October 28, 2011

He Returns... Yeah... Again

The years flip by like fanning cards in a worn deck. I haven't blogged since June of 09... and the things that have happened since then... two more granddaughters born... a new President... and of course the continuing issues with my health. Two more river trips. The one in 2010 with my friend Trinity turned out to be a disaster. It rained and rained and rained. The Skunk River went out of its banks. After a couple days we gave up. I tried going by myself to camp alone by Lake Rathbun and promplty broke a molar on a peice of homemade jerky. End of trip.

This year was different. I went down the Iowa River. Mrs. RRR dropped me off by Eldora and I floated down to the Big Water... The Mighty Mississip. Camped on islands and sandbars and generally had a great time. The State Tournament came and went... took two firsts and a third.

I continue preaching a couple times a month. We're going through the book of Daniel right now.

Social Networks have almost killed blogging, it seems. For me it was when my job firewalled blogspot. But today is special. A crew is putting a new roof on the cabin and I'm sitting by the fire glad it's them shivering up on the roof and not me.



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