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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Times, Good Times

The River Rat Ranger has not blogged in over a year. Many issues, not the least being my health have interfered, but sometimes you just have to rise above it.

Sunday was the annual shooting competition of the state reserve law officer association. I was scheduled to work the weekend and tried desperately to find someone to cover. It seemed it was all going to fall into place, then the person I was counting on had a terrible family tragedy. Thus I had to go compete after being awake at work all night. Mrs. RRR brought in my guns and gear and met me in the parking lot at 0730. We grabbed a snack and a thermos of coffee at Quick Trip and were off to the range at the Fort. I switched from a hospital logo t-shirt to a sheriff's office one and was ready to go.

30+ of the 700 reserve officers in the state dared to show up for the state tournament. The competition is always stiff. Some of the very best shots in the state participate. My chronic heel pain interfered, as did my fatigue... but I muddled through.

When the smoke cleared.... it was... Revolver, Marksmanship division 1st place... The RRR. Auto Pistol, Sharpshooter division 1st place... The RRR.

Life is good.

I went home and slept like the dead till 2130 (9:30 pm to non-rangers) and back to work.


Blogger visithra said...

it is so good to have u back ;)

welcome back shamgar ;)

the best can always do their best even in the worst conditions ;)

6:56 AM  

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