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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The River Rat Ranger Floats On

Where is he?, both my fans have asked. I have returned from the 2009 float trip and this time will write about it. My neglect has been partly due to a chemical experiment. For about the last year I've allowed myself to come under the infuence of anti-depressent medication. I smile a lot, stared into space a lot and accomplished even less than usual. By this spring I had had enough. These feelings are MINE darn it, and I'm going to feel them regardless of VA promises of a disability and the chance to babble happily time to time. So I weaned myself off them.

Then I attended a men's spiritual retreat in northern Minnesota based on the philosophy of John Eldridge's book, Wild At Heart.

Then, totally off the meds, I slapped Shermona, my 12' jon boat into the Wapsipinican River and spent the next weeks floating downstream. I'll write about soon and you shall hear more.



Blogger JRR said...

Just found your blog again. Good stuff, any plans on an update?

9:25 PM  

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