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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pack O' Wolves

The River Rat Ranger's adventure of the day began late tonight. It was 2200. I was up and slightly late for work so I had to hurridly walk Bay Toe Ven before I left. It was cloudy, overcast and very dark as we went done by the creek. Far off down the valley came the mournful sound of the horn on the freight train as it passed the quarry. From over by Sam, the Outside Dog's house, wild voices answered the horn. It was a pack of coyotes, or "prairie wolves" making their rounds. Bay raised his head in interest. The insane yammering got closer. I realized that they could get between us and the cabin and it could be a problem, especially if one or more had rabies or distemper.

I stated talking loudly so they would know I was there. They hung back yammering with the yips and howls that sound like insane women screaming. I yelled to Mrs. RRR to open the door. Bay slunk into the kitchen. I worried the coyotes might get between me and the car. But they ran off down toward the creek.

For a little while I had forgotten my other troubles. The fact I had awakened with an irregular heartbeat and had to sit on side of bed breathing slow and deeply till it straighted out. Or that despite my diet my wieght is not going down.

I forgot all about the long walk with Mrs. RRR down by the Big Lake.

And got safetly to the Green Hornet and drove in to work....


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