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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me (2)

It was as much fun as I thought it would be, and now I'm back at the county jail remenising. I turned the jail over to Scott and Tom at 0700 after the hectic business of passing out breakfast and passing out medications (suprising this job is so much like psychiatric nursing, even has the same clients). I went home and collapsed in bed. At 0930 Youngest Daughter called to wish me happy returns. Youngest granddaughter, one day past her first birthday babbled happily to me.

I went back to sleep smiling and my youngest brother called. He's an investment banker. One of the brothers had to amount to something. We laughed and joked and talked about old times. Then back to sleep. By noon Bay Toe Ven was ready for a walk. We wandered down by the river and across the bridge and met Mrs. RRR as she drove home from work. She'd bought me an ice cream birthday cake that she had designed the decoration for. After lunch I got to see it. A green tent with a man and his son peering out into the rain depicted me and one of the boys camping. It was a shame to cut into the frosting, but worth it. Vanilla ice cream on top and chocolate on the bottom with crushed oreos in between. Before we ate Mrs. RRR and Bay Toe Ven sang Happy Birthday to me. I already had my present, the equipment I used at the Reserve shoot Sunday. She gave me a beautiful, romantic card.

I spent the next couple hours peeling, coring, and slicing apples from our tree and placing them in the dehydrator. This year we started using the oven also. We have a couple extra oven racks from an old kitchen stove. I bought a 5' roll of 2' wide 1/4" hardware cloth and made a tray for each rack, so with the oven at 150 F dozens of apples can dry at once. I went back to sleep with the wonderful smell of drying apples wafting through the house. At 2030, Youngest Son called and I got to talk to him and 19 month old second youngest granddaughter. Once more I fell asleep smiling to get up at 2200 and come back here to the jail for another night's work.

Life is good. Even at 55.


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